why you want to leave your current job

Why You Want To Leave Your Current Job

As an applicant, you would always be confronted with this common question, “Why you want to leave your current job?” in most interviews. This is because employers and hiring teams always want to know why you build a career with them. And also to know know what would help you do better in your job role and others.

Reasons Why Hiring Managers Ask Why You Want To Leave Your Current Job

A good employer will want to understand an applicant seeking a job in a firm better. This will lead to the employer asking why the applicant is leaving the current job. Below are several reasons.


#1. Understanding Applicant’s Career Goals

An employer will want to understand the applicants’ career goals to be sure they align with the company’s goals and aspirations.

#2. Perspective View of Applicant’s Working Environment

The employers would seek to know the kind of work environment the applicant seeks. Also how your the applicants transferable skills and working pattern will promote the organization.

#3. Previous relationship with current employer

The hiring team wants to know if the would-be workers are still on good terms with the current company. In addition, they would want to know your achievement in your previous job
and if you are a good fit for the new job position in the organization.

Top Responses For Why You Want To Leave A Current Job

Regardless of your reasons for leaving your current job, you must answer this question reasonably and tactfully.

Fortunately, there are several ways to answer this question reasonably, It is one of the commonest interview questions, so take time before your interview to prepare a thoughtful answer. This will help boost your hiring team’s confidence and make them take an informed decision to hire you.
So let’s dive in real quick to the top ways to respond to why you want to leave your current job.

#1. Values no longer align with yours

You should briefly highlight your core values in a job and how you match them to your career path. And politely state why the value in your current job is no longer aligning with you.

#2. Additional empowering tasks with the corresponding compensation

You want to work with a company with more empowering tasks that will come with corresponding compensation to boost self-growth.

why you want to leave your current job

#3. Undervalued in the current job role

Another good response is feeling undervalued in your current role. The company underestimates your roles and values in the workplace. You need a place where you can be appreciated.

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#4. Looking for a new challenging job position

You know you can give more and as such you are looking for a new challenging role that will help you widen your horizon.

#5. Need career growth

You can also respond that you want a job with better career growth opportunities. One that will help you grow just the way you wanted with your chosen career path

#6. Change of career path

Another great answer is responding that you want to change career paths which your current job would not offer.


We hope the tips will help you answer the question “Why you want to leave your current job” in your following job interview. You can always share this with your friends and family members when necessary.

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