Why Is My CV Rejected?

There are many reasons why your CV may not lead to an interview/meeting. I want you to review the list and take note of the reasons for rejection that you do not have control over and those you have control over. Always ensure you get those under your control right and leave the rest to fate.

They include:

1. The CV was never read by the intended person.

2. The CV was too long and boring and therefore was not read.

3. You didn’t follow the application instructions.

4. Poor or no cover letter/ introduction mail.

5. The CV was irrelevant to the reader’s needs.

6. The CV was poorly presented and included spelling mistakes and therefore did not deserve a positive reply.

7. The CV was difficult to follow because of the poor layout and the reader lost interest.

8. Your CV arrived too late to be considered.

9. The reader found your CV interesting but did not envisage any openings. (For those who send a CV when there is no vacancy)

10. Due to the volume of applicants, your CV was never read.

11. You uploaded the wrong format or an unreadable format of your CV.

12. The recruitment was called off.

13. Your CV could not pass the ATS test.

Going forward, I encourage you to always ensure you get those under your control right.

Always do your part and leave the rest. Let it not be said that the fault was from you.

May we all succeed.

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