"Why Are You Interested In This Job?"

“Why Are You Interested In This Job?” Answers & Examples

The question “Why are you interested in this job?” is one that employers frequently ask candidates during job interviews. They want to know your unique motivations for applying for the position and why you want to work for their organization.

It’s crucial to know how to respond well to interview questions constantly, particularly this one. You should begin your response to this interview question by saying, “I’m interested in this job, at this company, because… “ and then explain at least three reasons why you want to work there to convince the employer that you have a genuine connection to the company and a love for the job you applied for.

This article will detail why employers ask these questions and how you should format your response to the question, “Why are you interested in this job?”

Why do hiring managers ask, “Why Are You Interested In This Job?”

When asking candidates, “Why do you want this job?” interviewers often want to know the following four things:

  • Do you fully comprehend the position for which you are applying?
  • Do you have a passion for the job?
  • Are your objectives and experience in line with the position?
  • Will you make an excellent contribution to the business?

The first three interview questions are frequently answered; however, it is simple to miss the fourth. Always keep in mind that companies respect applicants who wish to make a significant contribution to corporate objectives while also furthering their own careers.

Examples of Inappropriate Responses

Understanding what interviewers generally don’t want to hear is the first step in developing a relevant response to fit practically any circumstance. Several instances include:

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  1. “Honestly, I just need a job, and this position looked interesting.” Indeed, this is a straightforward answer. However, it does not suggest a genuine interest in the position or the organization.
  2. “I’ve heard this company has excellent benefits and pay,” No employer wants to hire individuals whose only reason for working for the firm is JUST money.
  3. “I see this as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.” This implies that you have one foot out the door before you’ve even been employed.

How To Answer “Why Are You Interested In This Job?”

To prepare the ideal response, there are still several actions you need to take:

  • Study the position: Read the job description carefully and note any vital skills, adverbs, or action verbs frequently utilized or highlighted. You’ll have a solid basis around which to construct your response after you completely understand the duties of the position.
  • Discover more about the business:  Many of your interview responses would benefit from research, but this question, in particular, requires it. It might assist in portraying you as the ideal cultural fit if you explain how the company’s beliefs align with yours.
  • Prepare your main talking points: We don’t advise preparing a script to rehearse with because your response should never seem memorized. Instead, list the key ideas you wish to convey in bullet form.
  • Focus on the added value: Finally, circle back to the value you can provide to the business in your response. In addition to explaining why you are interested in them, your response should explain why they should be interested in you.

Example Answers to “Why Are You Interested in This Job?”

Answer Example #1

“I like this line of work and want to develop further in it. After reading the job description, I decided to apply for the position since it seemed like a wonderful chance to continue honing my talents in digital marketing. I could immediately contribute to your team’s efforts because I have been performing this job for my previous workplace for three years.”

Answer Example #2

“I’d like to continue honing my project management abilities in my future career, as it looked like a perfect fit after reading the job description. Given that I’ve previously worked for my most recent firm for three years, managing seven-figure client projects and overseeing a staff of five, I’m convinced I could adapt to this position quickly and begin producing results.”

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