what to write in a card when someone is leaving a job

What To Write In A Card When Someone Is Leaving A Job

One way to appreciate a person who is leaving a job and has contributed immensely to the growth and development of the organization is to write a thoughtful and heartfelt card. This is because while the leaves fall softly from a tree and slowly decay and are shirked, the memories of the past are hardly forgotten. However, as a boss, colleague, or subordinate, you may find it challenging regarding what to write in a card when someone is leaving a job.

No worries, we have put together some tips and samples of messages in this guide that you can write in a card when someone is leaving your organization. So let’s dive in real quick.

What To Write In A Card When Someone Is Leaving A Job

What To Write In A Card When Someone Is Leaving A Job

You can choose to wish someone to leave a job to triumph in life in any of the contexts below:

#1. Appreciate The Person

You can opt to express your in-depth appreciation for the person’s enormous contributions to the company’s milestone achievements, especially if you are the employer or boss. You can also appreciate the person impacting your career growth or expertise if you’re a colleague or a subordinate.

#2. Reflect On The Person’s Achievements

You can choose to reflect on the person’s achievements in the organization and encourage him or her to continue the excellent work. If the person is retiring, your reflection on his or her accomplishments should be linked to their impact on the organization or your career growth to make them feel fulfilled, inspired, and excited.

#3. Share Personal Memories

This allows you to revisit the memories you have shared with the person. Crafting memorable moments on a card for someone leaving a job will put a smile on their face and demonstrate your value for the friendship you’ve shared.

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#4. Emphasize On Future Connect

While wishing the person success in the next chapter of life and encouraging them not to relent in building an excellent career path, you can also express your readiness to connect with them for meaningful and productive engagement.

Samples On What To Write In A Card When Someone Is Leaving A Job

Here are some samples you can explore to help you write compellingly on a card when someone is leaving a job.

  • “Thank you for being an excellent software developer and colleague. You have helped propel my experience and knowledge in this career. History will be kind to you always” More success ahead”.
  • “Thanks for your commitment and immense contribution to the organization’s growth. You will be missed but not forgotten. Wishing you the best always.”
  • The remarkable success we recorded from the XYZ project due to the unprecedented problem-solving and leadership skills you demonstrated remains fresh in my mind. You are a hero!!! Go well!!!
  • “No doubt you must leave, but I hope we can stay in touch. You have significantly impacted our lives, and we are always ready to connect with you for a catch-up coffee, share ideas, or brainstorm on discoveries.”
  • I am excited and thrilled with the new task ahead of you. I am confident you will make us proud and accomplish great things. All of us will miss you and hope to rejoice with you in your future successes.
  • “You have been a wonderful employee through thick and thin. I will miss you dearly.”
  • “You have been an asset to this organization, and we are optimistic you will accomplish more in your new role.”

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