what to bring to a job interview

What To Bring To A Job Interview

It is my pleasure to congratulate you on your recent success in the aptitude test or phone screening stage of the hiring process. This article will offer you the essential tips on what to bring to a job Interview as you prepare.

Let’s assume you have prepared mentally for the job interview and identified what to wear. So let’s take you through the things to take along with you real quick.

What To Bring To A Job Interview

What To Bring To A Job Interview (Physical Session)

These are the items you should take with you when going for a physical job interview.

#1. A mobile phone or GPS device

Any of these gadgets will help you quickly spot the direction of the company’s location if you are unfamiliar with the environment.

You can also use your phone to contact the recruiter if you encounter any unavoidable delay, such as roadblocks due to accidents or other inconveniences.

The GPS could also help you spot alternative routes immediately and packing slots in the organization when you arrive.
Note: you must silence or put your phone on Airplane mode to avoid distractions at the interview scene.

#2. Means of Identification

You should have a printed copy of your interview notification from the organization and a legal means of identification such as a driver’s license, international passport, or National Identity card. This is because most corporate organizations will require genuine identification to allow you into the environment.

#3. Copies of your Resume

It is best to assume the interview panelist may not have your resume handy or need additional copies. So prepare at least five hard copies of your resume and keep them neatly in a separate envelope. In case there is demand for it, you can provide it in excess to demonstrate your readiness for the job.

You may also need to verify certain things in your resume while you are at the scene, and using a phone may not be a good option.

#4. Writing Materials

Get a pen, pencil, and sheets of paper while going for the interview. You can use them to write down the names and contact details of the interviewers, possible questions, and other essential points during the conversation.

Moreover, some of these points could help you craft a meaningful follow-up email after the interview.

#5. Possible questions for the interviewer

Probably, during your research, you need clarifications on some critical areas of the job roles, the organization’s working cultures, alternative means of communication, etc. You can pen them down to avoid forgetting them while on the interview seat.

#6. Breath mints or floss

You can opt for a small pack of mint candy to help sustain your oral hygiene throughout the interview session. It is advisable to avoid gum because you could be unconscious at the sound of chewing. If you must have breakfast before the interview,, you can take some floss along.

#7. A Smart-looking Bag

You need a portable and good-looking bag like a briefcase to arrange all the items you are taking to the interview. This way, you will appear organized before the panel, and it will complement your dress.

What To Bring To A Job Interview (Virtual Session)

Alternatively, you must get the following items ready or handy if you are scheduled for a virtual job interview.

  1. A quiet corner that is well illuminated
  2. A fully charged laptop or a desktop computer that is connected to an uninterrupted power supply with facilities like a camera, zoom app, Google Meet, etc
  3. A good source of internet connection to avoid a break in communication
  4. Headphones to aid your hearing
  5. A hard copy of your resume as a backup in case your multiple screens fail during the interview process and you need to verify something from your resume.

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