What is Transcription Job

What Is Transcription Job? Common Q/A

Are you among the millions searching for answers to this question “What Is Transcription Job“? Or do you need explicit knowledge on whether it is a lucrative job? If yes, you are in the right spot to learn about Transcription Jobs.

The transcription industry is valued at twenty-eight billion US dollars and is projected to hit forty-two billion in the next seven years. This is an indication that the demand for transcribers will continue to increase. So let’s quickly dive into what a transcription job is, the types, how to become a transcriptionist, etc

What is Transcription Job?

It is an occupation that involves listening to audio or video conversations and converting them to text word for word. The conversation or dialogue could be a Zoom meeting, Interview sessions, lectures, seminars, zoom calls, etc.

A person engaged in transcription is called a transcriptionist or a transcriber. If you are wondering if it is in higher demand, it is especially in the education, medical, and judiciary sector. For instance, over 5000 transcription jobs are available in the United States, most of which are remote. You can also find transcription jobs in India, Canada, South Africa, etc.

Types of Transcription

The four top types of transcriptions are as follows:

1. Edited Transcription:

This type of transcription ensures incomplete sentences, grammatical errors, and slang are edited before the file is converted to readable text.

What is Transcription Job

2. Verbatim Transcription:

In this type of transcription, all actions or sounds, such as throat clearing, stammering, and verbal pauses, are converted to readable text. On the other hand, the non-verbatim filter off all the sounds or action while converting audio or video files to text but ensure all incomplete sentences are cleaned up.

3. Intelligent verbatim Transcription:

This type of transcription ensures all sounds, repetitive words, ramblings, and non-standard words are filtered off to produce concise, readable text from an audio or video.

4. Phonetic Transcription:

This involves using phonetic sounds or phonemes to convert audio or video discussions or engagements to readable texts.

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How do I become a transcriptionist?

You must have the necessary skills and resources to become a transcriptionist. The resources are a computer with high-speed internet access, Microsoft Office, transcription software apps, an Amazon MTurk account, etc. The skills you should possess are listed below:

  • Excellent typing speed with accuracy
  • Sufficient grammatical knowledge, spelling, and punctuation
  • Have Computer knowledge
  • Ability to hear or pick conversation faster
  • Strong concentration skills
  • Excellent time-management skills
  • Have a high retentive memory

In addition, you can become a pro transcriber by acquiring certification in medical, legal, or education.

What is Transcription Job?

Common Questions and Answers around “What is Transcription Job”

Can I do transcription jobs on my phone?

Yes, you can, but you will need apps like Dragon Anywhere, Google Assistant, or Live Transcribe SpeechNotes for effective transcription.

Which transcription site pays the most?

Daily transcription is listed as the top-paying transcription site currently. Transcribers earn at least 0.75 USD per minute and up to 950 USD weekly.

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Where can I practice transcription for free?

You can visit GoTranscript and Scribe to perfect your skills before taking any job offer.

How much can I earn by transcription as a beginner?

As a beginner with no experience, you can earn a minimum of 15 USD hourly. However, you can earn better when transcribing for legal or medical organizations.

How can I make money transcribing from home?

You can create an account on any of the five best platforms QA Word, Rev, TranscribeMe, GoTranscript, and Upwork, and start transcribing from home.

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