Cleaner Jobs in Canada

Well Paying Cleaner Jobs in Canada This Year

Canada is a popular destination for those seeking employment and high living standards. Constant and rising demand for cleaning jobs in the country has added to the rate of employment in the country.

Increasing number of companies across the country is proof that the industry is booming. Ontario leads in the number of these companies, followed by Quebec.

In addition, the cleaning service industry employs staff in diverse fields. For example, some cleaners work in home settings while some work in office establishments. If you are looking for well paying cleaner jobs in Canada, you may find this topic interesting.

How much are Cleaners paid in Canada per Hour?

On average, a cleaner’s salary in Canada is $33,150 annually or $17 per hour. Entry-level positions can be around $29,737 yearly, but most experienced workers can earn as high as $41,844.

What is Expected of a Cleaner in Canada?

Typically, cleaning jobs in Canada operate contractually, where you can work at intervals based on agreement. There could also be cleaning jobs where you can work permanently.

Your job roles include sweeping, dusting, mopping, and removing trash. In some cases, you provide your cleaning materials, while in others, the company you work with provides them.

Ensuring the place is clean and smells nice is one of the major things you are employed to do.

Where can a Cleaner work in Canada?

A cleaner in Canada can work in many sectors and subsectors, depending on the job demand. Here are some of them:

  • Nursing and residential care facilities
  • Administrative and support services
  • Hospitals
  • Private homes
  • Educational establishments
  • Real estates
  • Foodservice and drinking places
  • Hotels

Top Cleaning Jobs in Canada

Finding a lucrative cleaning job in Canada may not be easy, but getting one is rewarding. The following jobs are hotcakes in Canada this year with visa sponsorship:

Carpet Cleaner

This professional is responsible for maintaining and restoring the neatness of a carpet and sofa. Experience in carpet cleaning and understanding the carpet types are needed.

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Window Cleaner

A window cleaner works in different settings, whether commercial, institutional, or residential. As one of the top cleaner jobs in Canada, experience in window cleaning and the ability to climb heights are crucial.

Housekeeping Attendant

This professional maintains cleanliness and hygiene in hotels, inns, and other hospitality settings. The position requires attention to detail, ability to work independently, and a high school diploma or equivalent. Physical stamina is also required because you will typically stand for long hours and may also lift heavy objects.

Custodial Worker

This job role isn’t restricted to a particular work environment. rather, the professional can work in schools, offices, and public places. Basic literacy and numeracy skills are requisite to become a custodial worker. They handle numerous pieces of equipment and supplies while utilizing many cleaning techniques.

Industrial Cleaner

An industrial cleaner maintains safety and cleaning in such facilities as factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants. Physical fitness and attention to detail are the major requirements to work in this cleaning category.

Janitorial Supervisor

This professional plays an interesting role in maintaining cleanliness in diverse settings. A high school diploma or equivalent, with previous working experience, is enough to land you this job. The primary role of a janitor supervisor is to supervise a team of janitors or custodial workers to ensure they carry out their tasks effectively.

School Custodian

A school custodian works in an educational institution. The main role is to maintain cleanliness, safety, and general hygiene. Since they work around children, school custodians ensure everywhere is perfectly cleaned, including the hallways, restrooms, classrooms, and other common areas.

Commercial Cleaner

This role is for cleaners who want to work in commercial establishments, including retail stores and offices. You must be able to work independently and perform different cleaning tasks before you can function well as a commercial cleaner in Canada.

Hotel Cleaner

A hotel cleaner functions in a hospitality setting. They are responsible for maintaining and cleaning hotel rooms, lobbies, and common areas. Basic cleaning skills and attention to detail make a perfect hotel cleaner.

Hospital Cleaner

This position is beyond basic cleaning. A hotel cleaner must have knowledge of infection control procedures and the ability to handle biohazardous waste properly. They clean patient wards, ensure the hospital facility is in good shape and restock supplies.

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