Jobs for Artisans in Canada

Top Nine Jobs for Artisans in Canada

Artisans in Canada are some of the sought-after talents in the country. They are highly creative and enjoy working on their own.

These professionals craft such items as stained glass, rugs, blankets, ornaments, and pottery. People in this category can be self-employed or work on contracts. Some artisans can also work as instructors for artisan colleges, recreational organizations, or private studios.

With good communication skills, they can work with different professionals and clients. The ability to use the computer and other technological tools will help to make their job easier.

In addition, artisans fall under Artisans and Craftspersons classifications with NOC 5244.

Who is an artisan?

An artisan is an individual who uses artistic and manual skills to design and make ornamental materials, pottery, stained glass, jewelry, rugs, blankets, handicrafts, and other artistic floral arrangements.

Usually, most artisans are self-employed, but they can be employed in some establishments, including florist shops, floral departments, and retail shops.

What are the Employment Requirements for Artisans in Canada?

Artisans can learn their skills through apprenticeship with an experienced professional. They can also obtain training programs from artisans, guilds, colleges, and private studios.

Artisans and craftspersons must also demonstrate creative ability and talent through a portfolio of work and knowledge of safe-handling of materials, equipment, and tools. In some cases, a college diploma in related fields may be necessary.

What is the Average Salary of Artisans in Canada?

Artisans in Canada can earn as much as $57,428 yearly, but the average salary is $40,229. Entry-level positions start at $33,150 per year.

Their earnings can be in the form of wages, salaries, or self-employed earnings. This depends on the type of work they do.

What are some of the Top Jobs for Artisans in Canada?

Here, we will list some of the best jobs you can do in Canada as an artisan and their duties:

#1 Floral arrangers

They design bouquets, wreaths, sprays, corsages, and other floral collections. Floral arrangers also create collections from decorative pieces, artificial flowers, and greeneries.

#2 Potters

A porter designs and creates ceramic and ornamental functional pieces. They use clay, molds, glazing materials, a potter’s wheel, and other instruments.

#3 Stained glass artists

These artists design stained-glass objects, such as windows and lampshades. They also use kiln fire glass to make decorative and functional materials.

#4 Glassblowers

These professionals design and blow glass objects, with the aid of hand tools, blowpipes and other tools.

#5 Instrument makers

They construct objects using their understanding of sound and instrument design, knowledge of wood, metal, and ebonite, and hand and power tools.

#6 Carvers

A carver uses hand tools and woodworking machines to make carvings from stones, woods, and other objects. They also carve ornamental designs into wooden furniture and other materials.

#7 Metal arts workers

They design metal jewelry, wall hangings, and other materials. A metal art worker also creates objects using gold, silver, copper, and other metals.

#8 Weavers

A weaver uses hands or a loom to interlace slivers of cotton, silk, wool, grasses, rawhides, and barks. They also create wreaths, baskets, rugs, clothing, wall hangings, and other materials.

#9 Artisan and craft instructors

They prepare lessons, gather learning materials, and teach a specific set of people using artistic techniques and skills.

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