Tips On How To Avoid Job Application Rejection

Job search/application tips in no particular order:

1. When invited for a job interview, please acknowledge receipt and availability. This creates a good first impression in the mind of the recruiter. Remember, recruiters, are humans and have emotions, and are prone to some biases.
Also, in some cases, the recruiter sends the name of those who acknowledged and confirmed availability to the security unit, and only those who acknowledged the invitation would be allowed into the premises.

2. When applying via email, always send out your CV as PDF, this is because your word document can be distorted depending on the device it is opened with.

3. Don’t send out your CV without writing anything in the body of your email. It is just like sending someone a picture or document via inbox without greeting and telling them why you sent the pics. A brief introduction of yourself, why you are applying for the role etc. Brief and catchy.

4. Always use the title of the job you are applying for as the subject of your email. A recruiter could have advertised for 4 roles at the same time, your email subject helps the recruiter know what role you applied for. It’s even worse when your email has no subject or body massage. So, how on earth do you want the recruiter to know why you sent your CV?

5. To avoid frustration, apply for jobs you meet at least 60% and above of its requirements. The more jobs you apply for without feedback, the more frustrated you could become.

6. Always read job adverts well and follow instructions. You are not the only one applying for that job, so don’t give the recruiter a reason to discard you immediately. If you can’t follow a job advert instruction, is it when you get the job that you will follow instructions?

7. Don’t wait until you get an interview invitation before you start preparing. Prepare daily, read, watch videos, and practice.

8. Get a good LinkedIn profile and be active there. The benefits are better experienced than told.

9. Work on your CV. Recruiters don’t know you, they would judge you from what they see before deciding if they want to have a meeting with you.

10. While on it, be optimistic, on your part well and be hopeful.

11. If possible, please don’t stay idle. Find something, volunteer, learn skills that can set you apart.

12. Don’t be ashamed that you are job seeking, talk about it, talk about what you can do, talk about your learnings and preparations. Don’t close your mouth.

13. You can go into a lot of career paths now regardless of what you studied in your first degree.

14. Google is your friend, go online, search for things using keywords, “where can in volunteer for an NGO in Abuja” “Digital Marketing companies in Abuja” etc. When you get them, you can send them cold emails or even find their staff on LinkedIn and send them messages. Tell them your interest in the field they are into and how you have been taking courses on it.

15. Focus on the positive. Don’t dwell on what should be, face reality and dig it out. “There is no job”, but people are getting jobs daily. Be amongst them. Yes, you can.

16. Try to have fun, we all are leaving this works with nothing and no one knows when. There is HOPE

Let’s All Excel.

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