The list of skills that is amazing if you learn them.

  1. Writing. I’ve never looked at writing as a skill. If I had started writing at a young age I feel I would have had significant advantages growing up. So, don’t be me, think, write and grow with it.
  2. Speaking. If you know how to get around a group of people speaking delicately and gracefully, you will have succeeded in knowing how to speak. I think it is the most basic, yet essential skill to have.
  3. EQ. Emotional intelligence. I think becoming more aware of everything surrounding us is just, for lack of better words, important. Aware people reap what they sow and know they’re doing so. Not being aware feels like a death sentence in today’s world. Even when it hurts, it’s got to be done, one’s got to grow, one’s got to change, one’s got to move on.
  4. Selling. I have no clue how to sell something. Chances are you don’t as well. I’ve read books on it but I’ve never actually tested it out. I bet I have missed out on a lot of trial and error, so, for you, learn how to sell something and grow with it.
  5. Being. Being in the moment. Being present and being mindful. Being happy. Being just the way one is. The most valuable skills of all.