Move to Canada from Nigeria Via Marriage – 4 Steps

As an experienced immigration expert, I’ve assisted countless individuals from Africa, particularly Nigeria, who aspire to start a new life in Canada—a country known for its inclusivity, opportunities, and good quality of life. One pathway that has proven promising is marriage to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. This could be to an original Canadian citizen, Nigerians living in Canada or people from other countries.

In this guide, we break down the intricacies of how to pursue Canada Marriage Visa, focusing on the spousal visa as a vehicle to bridge the distance between Nigerian dreams and Canadian realities.

#1. It starts with a connection

Marrying a Canadian lady or man is a journey that begins with genuine connection and commitment. Canadian ladies are generally beautiful and their men are good looking too and are generally kind-hearted. Whether you meet your partner through social networks such as Facebook, Tik Tok or Instagram, online dating platforms, or by chance, the key to success is building a relationship that stands on the firm ground of love and mutual respect.

In 2022, more than 500 marriages occurred between Nigerians and Canadians. Many Nigerians who have married Canadians also have had luck meeting their partner through referrals and recommendations. Love is a beautiful thing after all.

Marry Canadian Man

#2. Choose Your Marriage Location

Once you’ve found your partner and you’re both ready to take the leap, you’ll need to understand the legalities of Canada marriage. In cities like Toronto, Vancouver, or Calgary, couples can opt for a court marriage or celebrate their union in various venues. If you’re still in Nigeria, marriage registry offices in Lagos, Abuja, or other states can officiate your marriage before you apply for immigration. Whichever venue you choose, make sure your marriage is legal and documented with a lot of paper and photo evidence!

#3. Canada Spousal Visa Process

The kind of visa you will start with is the Canada Spouse Visa. The spousal visa for Canada allows you to live, work, find a job in Canada, and enjoy rights and privileges that is close to that of permanent residents (PR) upon approval. But how do you get paper through marriage, and what does the process involve?

The application procedure will require you to submit evidence of your relationship and marriage, which might include court documents, marriage certificate, wedding photos, communication records, joint financial statements, and affidavits from friends and relatives. Full transparency and honesty are paramount, as Canadian authorities thoroughly assess the genuineness of marital relationships to prevent fraudulent marriages.

Steps to Apply for a Marriage Visa in Canada

Here’s a brief outline of the steps to apply for a marriage visa:

  1. Ensure Eligibility: Both you and your Canadian spouse or partner must meet certain requirements, such as age, consent to the marriage, and your spouse’s ability to support you.
  2. Legal Marriage: If marrying within Canada, ensure that you follow the provincial laws for marriage. If marrying in Nigeria, your marriage must be legal according to Nigerian law and recognized in Canada.
  3. Gather Documentation: Compile all necessary documents to prove the genuineness of your marriage, your identity, and your eligibility for immigration.
  4. Submit Application: You will submit your spousal visa application, which your Canadian spouse will sponsor. Your application will include all your supporting documents.
  5. Undergo Medical and Background Checks: You’ll need to undergo a thorough medical examination and provide police clearance certificates as part of the process.
  6. Await Decision: Once your application is submitted, patience is key. Processing times vary depending on several factors, including the volume of applications received.

#4. Moving to Canada 🙂

Moving to Canada through a marriage visa not only opens doors for your personal life but also paves the way for professional growth. As you settle into your new life, you can look for job opportunities, further your education, and integrate into the vibrant cultural tapestry of your new home.

Remember, the key to a successful marriage visa application is genuine intent backed by solid evidence. Marrying solely for the purpose of immigration is not only unethical but also illegal and can lead to severe consequences including deportation and bans on entering Canada in the future.

Take the First Step…

Marry Canadian Lady

If the thoughts of the maple leaf and the expanse of Canada’s landscape have captured your heart, and you’re ready to explore this path, we encourage you to learn more. Visit the official website of the Canadian government’s spousal visa sponsorship to get accurate and up-to-date information on how to marry in Canada and begin your application.

We hope this comprehensive guide has been illuminating for all prospective Nigerians looking to find love and a fresh start in Canada. Pursuing a marriage visa might be daunting, but with proper guidance and authentic relationships, it could be your path to a thriving future.

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