Top 3 Reasons Why You'Re Qualified For The Job

Top 3 Reasons Why You are Qualified For The Job

Certainly, recruiters or interview panelists know that multiple reasons make job seekers qualify for a particular job, but it is best to focus on the top 3 Reasons Why You are Qualified For The Job. This is because your ability to speak concisely in momentous shows an employer you will be time conscious in your tasks if employed.

In addition, you should know that employers have huge applications to review, which can be exhausting. Even if it is an interview session, you won’t be the only one to be listened to. And your ability to streamline your points to the top 3 reasons why you are qualified for the job won’t bore the panel but prompt them to engage you in the next hiring stage.

You should learn to summarize your points before an application or a job interview. Let’s take you through the top reasons to prioritize for any job application or interview real quick.

Top 3 Reasons Why You are Qualified For The Job

In most cases, the question comes, “Why should we hire or Why are you the best for this job?” When asked, you shouldn’t go beyond these three reasons below and ensure you captured the key parameters.

1. Educational credentials;

The panelists or employers always pay close attention to the portfolio of job applicants. So while answering the question, you should review the application requirements and list or highlight your academic and professional qualifications.

You should also discuss how relevant they will be to the role. Ensure you attach them to your application and go along with the originals to the interview if you need to showcase them.

2. Work Experience;

Work experience is critical in most job hiring, even if it is an entry job. You should speak or highlight relevant work experience you have acquired from your previous jobs or internship and how you intend to use them to boost the organization’s operations.

If you do not have any work experience, emphasize your burning desire to build a career with the organization and how you can quickly adapt to a new working environment.

You should also reference the positive reviews of past interns and workers of the organization, this will show the employer you are truly passionate about working and the success of the organization.

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3. Valuable Skills;

Research the organization to spot inefficiencies and discuss how you tend to use your problem-solving skills to tackle them better.

Reasons Why You are Qualified For The Job

You can also highlight some achievements while working as a team in your previous jobs or projects to demonstrate your team player skills.

More so, you should discuss how conscious you are of time. You can demonstrate this by being focused and concise with your points during the presentation.

Samples on how to answer the Top 3 Reasons Why You are Qualified For The Job

Here are some samples that will serve as a guide when preparing for a job interview. They are also helpful when submitting a cover letter for a job application. Always ensure your write-ups are error-free and well-structured.

Reasons Why You are Qualified For The Job

Reasons Why You are Qualified For The Job

Download link for sample 1

Download link for sample 2

Download link for sample 3


Employers have a wide-opens ears when you speak on the top 3 reasons why you’re qualified for the job. You should give priority to your qualifications, skills, and work experience because they are fundamental to success in any job application.

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