Reasons To Quit a Job And Get Unemployment Pay

Reasons To Quit a Job And Get Unemployment Pay

In a bid to be ahead of misconceptions or fallacies regarding how and who benefits from Unemployment funds. Unemployed persons strive to find solutions to the question, “What Reasons To Quit a Job And Get Unemployment Pay?“.

No doubt, not all reasons will qualify you to be a beneficiary of unemployment funds if you lose your job. So in this article, you will gain insight into the grounds to benefit from unemployment funds if you quit your job, especially in the populous cities of the United States like New York, Lowa, Florida, etc.

However, the reasons could slightly differ from one country to another or states providing unemployment benefits.

Top 10 Reasons To Quit a Job And Get Unemployment Pay

In most countries offering unemployment funds for citizens who quit their jobs, here are the top reasons they adopt in selecting the beneficiaries.

  1. Let’s say you have two jobs and decided to quit one to focus on the other, but unfortunately, you got dismissed or relieved shortly after.
  2. Unfavorable policies from your workplace that pose a threat to your health, moral values, and faith.
  3. You discovered non-stop unlawful activities in your workplace that could damage your reputation and career progression.
  4. You experience a salary or wage cut above 20% from your employer without justifiable reasons.
  5. You require urgent health care attention, undergo surgery, or your family member needs medical care.
  6. There is a change in your job location without a corresponding increase in pay to manage your transportation costs.
  7. You were not given personal protective equipment to safeguard yourself against hazards or accidents in your workplace.
  8. You reunite with your spouse or partner, but your job specialization is unavailable.
  9. You are enrolled in an accredited apprenticeship or internship program
  10. You need to save your family from visible danger or discomfort.

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What Reasons To Quit a Job And Get Unemployment Pay in Texas?

In addition to the top reasons listed above, you can also quit your job and still get unemployment funds in Texas if you:

Reasons To Quit a Job And Get Unemployment Pay

  • Face sexual assault or violence from your workplace
  • Reunite with your military spouse
  • Suffered an injury preventing you from working

What Reasons To Quit a Job And Get Unemployment Pay in Lowa?

These are the top reasons to qualify for the unemployment fund in Lowa after quitting your job.

  • You are ready to take on new employment and busy searching for it.
  • You didn’t quit the job because of misconduct or any fault but within the confined laws of Lowa.
  • You earned a minimum of 850 USD in the lowest-paid quarter and 1700 USD in the highest-paid quarter before quitting the job.

Do I need to justify leaving my job?

Your employer doesn’t always need to know specifics. For instance, you could only say that your departure is necessary for personal or familial reasons. You’re under no need to give a reason for leaving. Sometimes, you might want to justify.

Can you collect unemployment pay in Washington state if you are fired?

Yes, you can benefit if you get fired because of inadequate skills. But you could be unqualified if fired for an assault or other misconduct.

Which state has the highest unemployment pay?

The United States, Hawaii, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Washington are the states paying the highest unemployment benefits. The amount ranges from 750 USD to 1000 USD weekly.

How Much is Texas Unemployment Pay?

You can earn at least 69 USD weekly, depending on your weekly Unemployment Benefits Estimator.


A clear understanding of why you can quit a job and get unemployment pay will enable you to make informed decisions before quitting your job. Explore the reasons in this article to clarify your doubts while reconciling them with your location.

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