Jobs you can do in Canada

Jobs you can do in Canada without Work Permit

Yearly, the Canadian government recruits numerous immigrants into the labor market. Many of these jobs need a work permit, which is a legal document that lets a foreign national work in a host country. The job type, occupation, and period of stay in Canada determine the work permit for each individual.

On the other hand, there are some jobs you can do in Canada without work permit. In that case, you must meet certain conditions before you are offered these jobs.

Here, we will detail some of these jobs that do not require a work permit.

International students

If you are an international student in Canada, you do not need a work permit to do some of the jobs around the campus. You are entitled to work up to twenty hours a week when the semester is on. On holidays and breaks, you can work full-time. Some of the jobs include waiter, cashier, driver, babysitter, bartender, dog walker, and freelancing.

Civil Aviation Inspectors

Flights and cabin inspectors enter Canada to carry out safety routines on flights. These professionals can do their jobs in Canada without work permit, but must have proof of employment by a registered aeronautics safety authority. They must also have valid documents to prove they are civil aviation inspectors.

Military Personnel

If you are a military recruit and have been ordered to come to Canada, you do not require a work permit. However, to qualify, you must be serving a country designated under the Visiting Forces Act. This work condition does not include ‘military attachés’ employed by diplomatic missions.

Athletes and Team Members

Foreign athletes who want to participate in Canadian sporting events do not need a work permit. This also implies coaches, trainers, and other team members coming for the same purpose. Judges, referees and similar officials are also in this category.

However, their spouses who wish to work in Canada must have a work permit, even though they are exempt from the LMIA requirements.

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Public Speakers

Whether guest speakers, commercial speakers, convention organizers, or seminar leaders, public speakers whose activities in Canada would not last beyond five days can operate without a work permit during their stay. However, a commercial speaker recruited by a Canadian employer to provide training services will need a work permit and LMIA before entering the country.


A clergy who is engaged to preach doctrine, preside over religious events, or offer spiritual guidance can do their jobs in Canada without work permit. They must provide proof of their qualification to offer the services and their ability to perform the job. In a situation where the visa officer requires further proof, the clergy must provide it.

Agriculture Work

A person can work on a farm in Canada without a work permit. However, the individual must prove that the farm work is a volunteer job or a non-commercial farm where the owner produces for family consumption with little for the market.

Examiners and Evaluators

Academics who review students’ work and guide them can enter Canada with a work permit. They could also be entering the country to appraise research proposals or academic programs. These include evaluators, researchers, professors, or other academic officials.

Aviation Accident or Incident Inspectors

Professionals who aid in the investigation of aviation accidents or incidents are exempt from having a work permit. This is only allowed if they operate under the Canadian Transport Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act.

Emergency Service Providers

Individuals visiting Canada to offer services during emergencies can do operate without a work permit. These professionals include medical teams, doctors, insurance adjusters, and appraisers. The emergency is not restricted to health alone, but could also be industrial or environmental.

New Reporters/Media Crew

Foreign reporters or media crew in Canada may be exempt from work permits. To be eligible, you must be a part of a news reporting crew, a resident correspondent, or a clerical staff member working for at least six months.

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