how to write a personal statement for a job

How To Write A Personal Statement For A Job

It is essential to craft a resume or CV that is attention-grabbing because many employers want to spend a few seconds to depict what an applicant has in stock to offer. Therefore, your intention to learn how to write a personal statement for a job is perfect and could help you land your desired job.

In this guide, you learn about the personal statement, the tips for writing it, how it should be structured, and other relevant details.

How To Write A Personal Statement For A Job


Before we dive into writing a personal statement for a job, let us go through what a personal statement is and why it is crucial.

What is a Personal Statement?

It is a statement that briefly details your skills, qualifications, work experience, and achievements in a career. It is usually the first point of assessment for employers when reviewing a CV or resume of applicants for job roles. It determines if you, as an employer, will fit into the advertised job role.

Most job applicants succeed in their first hiring stage due to a compelling and well-structured personal statement. A personal statement offers you the opportunity to showcase your skill set concisely, it is also different from a supporting statement.

Tips On How To Write A Personal Statement For A JobĀ 

While a personal statement may not be up to eight lines of sentences, you must be head-up while crafting it. Otherwise, your resume is in a recycle bin. So to write a remarkable personal statement, here are the tips you should note.

#1. Make It Informative

You should ensure the statement captures your qualifications, skills, and work experience or achievements. You don’t need to write plenty stories.
Also, ensure these parameters are relevant to the job you are applying for because employers match availabilities with needs. Note a personal statement is your selling point to a potential employer, according to Lucy Ventrice, a senior human resources manager at Amazon.


#2. It Should Be Concise And Readable

Personal statements summarise what you have in stock to offer an employer, so you should make it catchy and brief. As for readability, Sharon Xenophontos recommend that you make meaningful short sentences that should not exceed three lines.

#3. Structure It Professionally

No doubt, a personal statement illustrates why you are the best for a job. So while writing your it, let your certifications or academic qualifications appear first, followed by years of working experience alongside your achievement. Then you cap it with your transferable skills and personal attributes.


In addition, you should also include motivations toward the job or what you wish to achieve in the job.

#4. Be Honest

You should not give false information about your experience or things you’ve got to offer in your statement because the interview session will prove your claims before the recruiter.

Let your recruiter build more confidence in your potential and abilities by authenticating your statement via the interview.

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