how to write a job application

How To Write A Job Application

An employer can predict what you have in stock to offer the organization from the application submitted. This is because the application showcases your skills by proxy. Therefore learning how to write a job application is essential, especially if you are a fresh graduate.

Having a compelling and comprehensive application letter can influence an employer to call for an interview or test earlier than scheduled. So let’s take you through the tips on how to write a job application real quick.

how to write a job application

How To Write A Job Application

Generally, writing a job application can be done via email or manually, and whichever option, it must be professional, informative, and well formatted. You should also do extensive research and reviews about the organization to craft an intriguing job application letter.

Whether you are applying for a job in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, etc, your application should entail the following parameters.

#1. Address

Begin with your name, complete address with date, and that of the employer, both at the left corner of the application letter. There should be single or double-line spacing between you and the employer.

#2. Salutation and Subject

After the address has been written, you proceed with a salutation, which goes as “Dear,” then the name of the recruiter or, in most cases, the Human Resources Manager. The job advert usually states who the application should be channeled to. The next is the subject of the application, which is the job role you are applying for, and ensure it is bold. For instance, the subject can be an application for the role of Software Developer.

#3. Body of application letter

This is the most critical aspect of the application because it relays how informed and prepared you are for the job. You should begin by referencing the source of the job advert and the date it was advertised. Then state the position you are applying for.

In another paragraph, you should explain why you are the best for the job by highlighting your soft and hard skills related to the advert. Also, state a few relevant work experiences, if any. This can be an extract from your cover letter.

The following paragraph should summarize your qualifications from the most recent and relevant to the job requirements. You can also hint at your achievements while urging the recruiter to learn more in your cover letter and resume.

The second to the last paragraph should explain why you are interested in building a career with the company. You can achieve this by emphasizing how the company’s working culture, vision, and mission perfectly align with your career goals.

Lastly, appreciate the recruiter for reviewing your application and placing a reminder of your resume and cover letter attachments. Express how excited you will be to hear from the recruiter as soon as possible.
Close the application with “Sincerely,” then your full name and a space for signature if the letter is in hard copy.

how to write a job application

How to write an application letter for a job not advertised?

Here you don’t need to reference the job advert. Follow the address format and channel the application to the human resources manager.

You should state the post you are applying for and why you should be considered for the job. Here you should emphasize your skills and how they can transform the organization tremendously. You can highlight a few challenges you discovered while researching the organization and how you can help solve them.

In a new paragraph, highlight the relevant academic and professional qualifications and achievements in your previous work. If you don’t have work experience, speak more about your qualifications and hard skills.

Inform the recruiter of the attached documents and why they should be reviewed. Express your optimism to receive a positive response in a short time. Close the letter with “sincerely ”

Download a template on how to write a job application here.

How To Write A Job Application

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