how to resign from a job

How To Resign From A Job – Tips & Templates

There is a ton of advice on finding an excellent job and accepting such a job offer, but what about how to resign from a job? Resigning can be difficult, whether you’re unhappy with your current job, have discovered something better, or are just ready for a change.

However, resigning professionally is essential to maintaining a good reputation in your field. Giving the required notice might seem like all it takes to quit your job, but it’s not that straightforward.

So, what steps should you take when resigning from a job? Here, we offer recommended practices to ensure everyone benefits from your resignation.

How Should You Prepare to Quit?

Ensure you are prepared to leave before giving your supervisor your notice of resignation. Don’t forget to email yourself copies of any files you want to save to the cloud or Google Drive.

Have copies of everything you need before telling your boss that you’re quitting because you might not have access to the computer once you submit your resignation.

How To Resign From A Job Professionally

how to resign from a job

To learn how to resign from a job in a professional manner, follow these steps:

1. Determine if the time is appropriate first;

Knowing why, when, and how to leave your work will help you make the best choice, find new possibilities, and exit your current position with dignity. Even if you’re frustrated, take some time to thoroughly weigh the advantages and disadvantages of leaving your position.

2. Provide a minimum of two weeks’ notice;

The typical time to offer an employer before leaving is two weeks’ notice. Make sure you adhere to any requirements regarding the amount of notice if you have an employment contract, though. Depending on your availability, you could stay longer than the standard two-week term, especially if your new job doesn’t start for a few weeks or you’re switching to self-employment.

3. Draft a resignation letter;

Briefly explain your decision in your resignation letter. Decide who should receive your letter of resignation before you start writing it, such as the manager of human resources or your immediate manager.

4. Explain your reasons for leaving;

Although it’s not mandatory, it can benefit your boss and other leadership staff to know why you’re leaving a job. Talking with your human manager is the most effective approach to accomplish this.

5. Arrange a meeting with a supervisor or HR representative;

Consider setting up a one-on-one meeting with your employer rather than sending them an email announcing your resignation or letting them know that you are leaving HR. Depending on how well you get along with your boss, this can be a great chance to express your gratitude for the possibilities they’ve given you.

6. Work completion and transition;

You likely have two weeks remaining in your job after notifying your employer of your resignation before you formally quit. Complete ongoing tasks during this time, and collaborate with your manager to identify a replacement for any functions you won’t be able to finish during your notice period.

7. Express appreciation for the chance;

Depending on how long you’ve worked for a company, you might have formed close relationships with your coworkers and superiors, learned new skills, moved to a high-level job, asked for more responsibility, and progressed as a worker. It’s critical to express thanks because your past experiences from your current employment probably helped you land your new chance.

Resignation letter template

Enter your information into our template if you need additional guidance:

How to resign from a job

Download the Template!

What Should You Do After You Quit?

The most difficult aspect of the adjustment is over once you’ve left your job. You’re not done yet, though. To ensure a successful landing, attend to these final details.

  • Getting ready for an exit interview
  • Bid your colleagues farewell
  • Don’t Neglect the Chance of Receiving Unemployment Benefits
  • Get Ready to Respond to the Question, “Why Did You Leave Your Job?


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