how to post a job on LinkedIn

How To Post A Job On LinkedIn – Steps

Dear readers, we salute your bold decision to learn how to post a job on LinkedIn this day. Whether you are an employer or a potential one in the United States, United Kingdom, or other countries, Linkedin is the best platform to find good hands for your organization.

It is rare to see job seekers worldwide without an active Linkedin account. This depicts how engaging and efficient the platform is for employers and employees. According to Linkedin statistics, at least forty-five million people search for jobs on the platform monthly, with the United States and India taking the lead. And at least six people get job every second, while more than fifty job applications are recorded simultaneously.

How to post a job on Linkedin

There are three popular ways to post a job as a recruiter or employer on LinkedIn. These include posting via your personal LinkedIn profile, via a recruiter, or through a talent hub.

However, you must purchase job slots to post your job offer via a recruiter or talent hub, while you can post freely using your profile. In addition, you can post a job on LinkedIn using your desktop, IOS or Android.

Steps to Post a Job on Linkedin

How To Post A Job On LinkedIn

Here are the steps to follow in posting a job seamlessly on LinkedIn;

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account
  2. Select the job icon at the top of the homepage
  3. Select the post a job icon, and this should take you to where you input the job details.
  4. While in the job details section, you should write a concise and captivating description of your job offer.
    List the required skills for the job using the ad skill icon, the location, and the nature of the job (full-time or part-time). You may also use an AI-assisted job description here.
  5. Click Continue to proceed to the “Applicant option” page
  6. You provide how the applicants will notify you on the Applicant option page. For instance, you can choose the email option.
  7. Also, add three or more questions for easy screening and filtering of applications.
  8. Review the details provided to ensure they are accurate.
  9. Click on the posted job for the free option.

However, if you wish to promote your job offer to hit your target applicants and location, click on Promote job; a page will pop up to add your credit card details, fill it in, and other details. Reviews your details and click on Promote job.

How to post a job on a LinkedIn company page without a personal profile

You can do this if you are an admin of the company page, a curator, or an analyst. Suppose you are an admin of the page; you should click on the post job icon, input the company name, job title, workplace (remote, hybrid, or on-site), and location, then continue to other details like applicants’ notification option, screening questions and targeted audience, etc.

How do you announce a new job?

  • Express your enthusiasm for the new position and employer.
    Consider the lessons you’ve
    Learn from your prior post and connect them.
    Mention the coworkers, supervisors, and other significant individuals who have an influence on the hiring process.

What else do you call a job posting?

Another name for a job posting is a job ad. Job advert. job advertisement

Why is Linkedin important?

LinkedIn hosts over six hundred million professional profiles of individuals across all industries and business ecosystems worldwide. Invariably the connection between employees and employers occurs majorly on this platform.

Employment in the United States is accessed through LinkedIn engagement. You will agree that learning how to post a job on Linkedin is inevitable for every employer to succeed.


We encourage you to leverage the details and steps on how to post a job on LinkedIn in this article to source the best hands for your organization. We are optimistic you won’t be disappointed using Linkedin. Best of luck.

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