How to post a job on Facebook

How To Post A Job On Facebook – Samples & Tips

Are you an employer searching for young talents with vigor and enthusiasm or professionals worldwide to work for you? If yes, this guide on how to post a job on Facebook will be a perfect option for you.

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms, with over 2.5 billion active users monthly. It was created in 2004 by Meta, a big American technology hub owned by Mark Zuckerberg.

Averagely, active users spend at least forty minutes daily surfing the platform for money-making opportunities such as businesses and jobs. Learning how to post a job on Facebook will help position your organization where it should be due to the quantum of applications you will receive from posting a job advert on the platform.

How To Post A Job On Facebook Professionally

There are two ways you can post a job on Facebook, free and paid. The procedures are almost the same, only that for the paid method, you will need to add a budget for the advertisement to reach a larger audience.

Here are the steps to follow and get your job offer posted on Facebook for free or paid advert;

1. Sign in to your Facebook account;

Let’s assume you already have a Facebook personal account. The next thing is a Facebook business page or account to enable you to post a job on the platform. 

It is simple to create, log in to your Facebook personal account, dive into the hamburger sign at the top right corner, click on it, and select “pages” from the drop-down. Then click “Create” and input all the necessary information, boom!!! Your Facebook page is set to post a job offer.

2. Navigate to manage jobs;

Once you are on your Facebook page dashboard, check the left sidebar to see the “manage jobs” icon, click on and choose the option of creating a new job.

3. Enter the job details;

Once the page opens, you should enter a brief description of the job offer and state whether it is a full-time or part-time job. You must also capture the following details for favorable results.

  • Job location
  • Job title
  • Salary (hourly or monthly)
  • Job schedule
  • Benefits and other details most applicants look for

However, the details provided must be genuine, ensure your job description is compelling, and possibly add images for better understanding.

4. Preview your job listings;

Now that you have filled out all the necessary details, it is time to preview all the details and have a view of how the job advert will appear before the searcher. Ensure you calmly preview and make adjustments if necessary.

Meanwhile, you can adjust the setting on how the interested applicants can contact you. By default, you will receive applications via Facebook Messenger. But you can make changes to a suitable channel like email or Whatsapp. You should scroll down the Facebook page, click on “Receive applications by email,” add your email address, and that’s all.

5. Publish the job offer;

Finally, click on Publish the job offer, and boom!!! Your offer will be live.

How To Post A Job On Facebook

Can I edit a job offer posted on Facebook?

You can edit by navigating to manage jobs and clicking on the three dots “…” beside the job advert to edit.

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Does a job offer on Facebook expires?

Yes, it expires after thirty days, but it is renewable. You can also close the job offer once your aim is achieved.

How to post a job on Facebook with pay

You opt to boost your job offer by following the steps below:

  • Log in to your Facebook page account
  • clicking on Ad Center on your dashboard and proceed to click on Create ads
  • Select Boost a post, then select your target audience by demography, qualification, skills, and other criteria.
  • Choose the duration and the budget to boost the post (You must have paid for this ad before choosing a budget )
  • Click on Boost post now!!

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