How to make money on Amazon

We all have heard about amazon and what they do. Amazon is a big platform where buying and selling of goods are rendered.

Apart from other goods, there’s what we call amazon kindle where writers write their books and publish them. Though many people are tired of writing books on amazon without people buying from them and it makes them feel frustrated.

So, I want to share with us some ideas on how you can start earning in dollars without publishing any book on amazon.

And I want to introduce Amazon Wedding Registry and Baby Registry to us.

This is where you don’t need to publish any book or sell any goods. All you need to do is to register for these two Amazon registries.

And to get started, you need to have an account with amazon.

Then, register for Baby Registry and Wedding Registry. 

I can guide you through if you’re finding the registration difficult.

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Congratulations as you choose to start earning in dollars.