how to find a job you love

How To Find A Job You Love

Do you want to eliminate the dissatisfaction you feel about your job most days after closing from work? Or are you a fresh graduate with a strong desire to kick-start your career with a job you love? If yes, this article on how to find a job you love will offer helpful tips to secure your dream job.

Finding your dream job doesn’t come simply by navigating different pages on, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc.

You must be prepared and determined to succeed by continuously applying feasible tips. This is because even developed countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, etc., do not have 70% persons in love with their jobs.

how to find a job you love

How To Find A Job You Love?

#1. Be convinced it is your dream job

You must be passionate and aware of the opportunities and challenges in the job before you jet out to get it. You can contact counselors, friends, and family to learn more about the job to facilitate your decision-making process.

#2. Get the required certifications

You should be smart and not relentlessly acquire certificates relevant to the job you love early enough. This is because having the relevant qualifications, skills, and certifications gives you an edge over other applicants thrusting for the job you love. In addition, you must have a comprehensive resume and cover letter readily available.

#3. Stay glued to updates around the job

Ensure you span your search for updates around the job almost every day to grab the application opportunities immediately after you spot them.

You can also utilize the updates or trends around the job to make a remarkable presentation during the interview session.

#4. Identify the locations and organizations

Your ability to spot the hot location while learning how to find a job you love makes your search easier. This way, you will be able to narrow your search to those locations because it’s possible your desired job may not be in your immediate environment.

Let’s assume you love a software engineering job, but you live in Gabon; you may need to search for such a job in countries like Canada, UK, or US. For instance, you may need to immigrate to Canada to become a software engineer.

#5. Networks with experts in the field

You can use a social media platform like LinkedIn to network with professionals on the job and build a relationship with them so that they can recommend you to companies hiring.

You can also attend job-related seminars or workshops organized to enable you to meet experts or employers and discuss your intentions with them. These moves could land your dream job; just be confident, respectful, and sincere.

#7. Don’t be discouraged

You must be aware of the challenges you might face to succeed because not every move will yield results; you must keep pushing for your aim and desires.

#8. Start with internships

If you’ve got bills to pay before securing the job you love, you can opt for paid internships relevant to the job. So you can easily earn money to pay bills while pursuing your aim.

With this, you can start building your career, network with experts, and demonstrate your skills and commitment to the company. You could be considered for permanent job placement after the internship program.

Overall, we have offered you feasible tips on how to find a job you love; it is time to take action. We hope these tips let you smartly crush the bones while you enjoy the marrow and forget the pains.

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