How To Decline A Job Offer Email

How To Decline A Job Offer Email

Are you currently having multiple job offers and wondering how to decline the less significant ones? Or are you expecting such a scenario based on the success of your recent interviews? Relax; this article will give you insight into how to decline a job offer email professionally.

Generally, applicants in the US and other countries decline job offers because they have multiple offers or an offer that does not meet their minimum expectations. So let’s quickly dive through the steps to follow in declining unfavorable job offers.

Steps on How To Decline A Job Offer Email

You must be rigid about declining a job offer because it is likely impossible to reclaim such an offer;

1. Review the job offer;

Take your time to read through the offer to pinpoint additional factors that will enable you to decline the offer politely and justifiably.

2. Write a polite email to decline the offer;

After discovering meaningful reasons to decline the offer, you should craft a rejection offer with careful words that won’t burn bridges. You can follow the steps below to serve as a guide;

  • Address the letter to the human resources manager and also include your address.
  • After salutation, appreciate the manager and the company for finding you worthy to occupy the position.
  • Highlight key factors that excite you about the offer and your wish to work with the company.
  • Then politely state why you are declining the offer.
  • The reasons could be a better offer aligning with your career path, a change of location, some unfavorable working culture of the company, low remuneration packages, health challenges, etc.
  • Again, Appreciate the company and express your willingness to offer assistance or oversight if necessary and convenient.
  • Close the letter

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Other related Q/A on how to decline a job offer email

How do you reject a job offer but keep the door open?

You should begin by expressing your gratitude for the job offer, then state why you are rejecting the offer in a persuasive tone. Use the following paragraph to appeal for amendments making you reject the offer and express your readiness to take the offer if the needful is done.

You could hint the company of your willingness to take another job role in the future. Ensure you drop your contact details and close the letter.

How To Decline A Job Offer Email

How do you say no to an offer professionally?

You can use alternative expressions to reply to a conversation instead of “no.”

  • I wish I could grab this offer
  • I am impressed by your offer, but maybe another time
  • Unfortunately, this offer coincides with an unavoidable task
  • I need time to shop for the required skills for the offer
  • I’m not a perfect fit for this offer. I can recommend someone else for this offer

Template on how to decline a job email

You can download any templates below as a guide when you want to decline a job offer email.

How To Decline A Job Offer Email

Download the template 

How can I turn down a job offer for private reasons?

I appreciate you considering me for the [Job Title] position. I am genuinely appreciative of the chance. Unfortunately, I’ve accepted a different job offer because the position better fits my professional aspirations. I value your time and send my best regards.

How can I gently decline a job offer through email because of the remuneration offered?

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to work for such a fantastic organization. Still, I cannot accept the position now because the compensation is outside my chosen range. I enjoyed our conversation throughout the interview. Thank you one more for this chance.


Rejecting a job offer is not a crime if you do it politely and professionally. Take advantage of the tips on how to decline a job offer email in this article and the samples below to compassionately decline a job offer. Best of luck.

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