how to decline a job offer due to salary

How To Decline A Job Offer Due To Salary

Have you recently got a job offer, but the salary didn’t meet your expectations, and you want to reject it? If yes, this guide on how to decline a job offer due to salary could be a perfect option you should explore.

Declining a job offer due to a low salary is not a big deal, but doing it diplomatically is crucial for every career-driven job hunter. You must review the offer critically and ensure the organization has no remuneration package that will augment the low salary before you decline the offer.

Tips on How to Decline a Job Offer Due to Salary

While declining a job offer, you should be careful with your choice of words and tone of expression. This way, you can maintain a good relationship and keep your doors open for negotiations or other pleasing offers from the organization.

In addition, you should be calm regardless of how the low salary dissatisfaction quenched your urge and burning desire to begin working with the organization. Then quickly navigate the salary and wages tracking websites such as Payscale or Glassdoor to check the salary range for the job. You can use the data obtained to open doors of negotiations with the organization.

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More so, you should not waste time declining the offer after reviewing it and having access to open negotiation data. The prompt response could make the organization review the pay and reach out to you immediately if you are indispensable to them.

How to decline a job offer due to salary in writing

Generally, if you are declining a job offer, it is best to write it via email, except if the offer was made via hard copy or offline. Let’s assume you want to decline this offer via email.

Here are the steps to follow while declining a job offer in writing.

how to decline a job offer due to salary

1. Address of the Employer;

In most cases, organizations recruit via the human resources department, so you should address your letter to the organization’s human resources manager.

2. Express your gratitude;

After the salutation, you should appreciate the company for finding you fit and capable for the job role. Also, express how glad you were when you got the notification for the offer.

3. Decline the offer;

You should proceed to decline the offer diplomatically and state your reason (Low Salary). You can also list some sites like or as reference points and compare the salaries with locations like the UK, US, Canada, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, etc.

how to decline a job offer due to salary

4. Close the letter;

In the last paragraph, you should inform the organization of your readiness to work if there is a better offer or an open door for negotiating salary, benefits, and perks. Then close with a “yours sincerely” your name and contact details.

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How do you start a conversation for a salary negotiation?

You should begin negotiations with a company by highlighting what you stand to offer, your credentials, and your unique skills in higher demand from the organization. Then consider the tips below.

  • You should not give a range for your pay rather, start from something bigger and don’t give a round figure but something like $205,340 annually.
  • You should schedule your negotiations on a Thursday or Friday because most organizations tend to be accommodating while the week winds down.
  • You should be friendly but firm with your decision and maintain a relaxed and confident sitting style.
  • You should not be scared to work away when the negotiations are unfavorable.

Samples of how to decline a job offer due to salary

Here are some samples to help you write a job rejection letter due to your salary.

How To Decline A Job Offer Due To Salary

How To Decline A Job Offer Due To Salary

Download Sample 1 

Download Sample 2


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