How To Apply For A Job Via Email

How To Apply For A Job Via Email: Steps and Tips

Have you recently spotted a job advert that requires you to apply via email and wondered how to have an eye-catching application? Or you need to learn how to apply for a job via email. You are in the right spot to fetch enough tips to accomplish your aim.

To achieve a seamless and efficient hiring process, most companies around the world have switched to using resume scanners or job-tracking software to filter the enormous volume of applications they receive. However, some companies still value job applications via email for reasons best known to them.

And as a job seeker, you must be well-informed on how to apply via email in case it happens to be the only means to apply for your dream job. So let’s dive in real quick on the subject matter.

8 Best Steps on How to Apply for a Job Via Email

Generally, the tone and the requirements of a job advert determine how you apply for the job via email. However, here are the steps you must follow to have an outstanding job application via email.

1. Have a functioning email;

Using a third-party email address to apply for a job is not advisable; you must have your email address, and it should be functional. The email will be a gateway for all communications during the hiring and possibly after.

2. Craft a concise and captivating subject;

You should have your email subject to be concise and captivating. The email subject can be in this format “Job Application: The job role or title then your name,” for instance, Application: Graduate Software Engineer, Robert Clark.

3. Use the right Salutation;

You should use a salutation according to how you are instructed to channel your application. For instance, if you are to apply to the human resources manager of the company and the name is mentioned. Your salutation can be like this;

Dear Mr. Robert
The human resources manager
(Name of the company)

4. Self-introduction;

Begin with my name ( full name ) and state the role you are applying for from the organization. State your qualification and your years of experience in the similar job role

How To Apply For A Job Via Email

5. Discuss the subject;

Here your first line of sentences should give credit to the organization’s vision and mission. Then you state why you are applying for the job role ” This could be an extract from your cover letter if the organization requests a cover letter.

If it is not requested, you should write a full cover letter here stating your achievements concerning your year of experience, highlighting skills that make you the best for the job role, and how prepared you are for the organization’s success while building your career.

6 Close your discussion;

Here you should inform the employer or the recruitment team of the supporting documents you will attach to the application. Reiterate your readiness for the job and anticipation for an interview session. Close the application with your sincere full name and email address.

7. Attach your supporting documents;

You should upload clear and readable documents such as a Resume, cover letter, educational certificates, professional qualifications, and proof of other achievements. They should be in the format that is recommended by the employer.

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8. Proofread and send;

Read everything you have written to ensure it is error-free, well-structured, and the right punctuation and tenses are used. Then use the send button immediately, boom!!! You are there and hopefully, you will proceed to the next level.

Sample of job application via email

How To Apply For A Job Via Email

Here is a link to download a sample of a job application via email .

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