how to announce new job on LinkedIn

How To Announce New Job On LinkedIn

While some individuals might feel it is unnecessary to learn how to announce new job on LinkedIn, after all, it is just to share the job update and move on. LinkedIn platforms offer numerous professional networking opportunities beyond updating your profile or company’s page.

In addition, how you write your update, what you write, and when to share your new job updates are very important in announcing new job on Linkedin. They also determine how your network and others find your updates and their impact on them.

Therefore, understanding how to announce new job on LinkedIn can help grow your network opportunities, build you career-wise and overcome challenges while pushing to become a professional in your new job.

Ways to announce new job on LinkedIn

You can announce your new job role or position on LinkedIn and get the update across your network or beyond.

The first option is to navigate to the experience section, click “Notify Network,” and then turn it on. This way, your new job will be promoted to your network as a standard announcement.

The second option is to make a personal post and capture features like your job title or position, the opportunities, and excitement in the job, and express appreciation to those behind your success in the new job while using Hashtags.

However, it is best to announce your new job at least a week after your resumption, and you are a bit settled. You can also wait up to a month to catch enough glimpses of the environment and the job.

Tips on how to announce new job on LinkedIn

Here are the tips you should consider when announcing your new job on Linkedin.

1. Using an eye-popping hook

You should consider using a title that will attract your network to the post because it is not the usual one you share. Examples include ” A Dream Come Through,” “Mission Accomplished,” “A New Dawn Here,” “Best News Ever,” etc

2. Summarize your job role

Give a brief introduction about your role in the new job, you can also include the position you are occupying.

You may decide to go solo by just mentioning your specialization in the organization, such as Software development, and forget about the position.

3. Highlight the opportunities in the job

You can list some opportunities you have spotted in the job and the organization. This could be the face-paced environment, skill-building activities, working relations, and culture of the organization.

how to announce new job on LinkedIn

4. Express your appreciation

You should express your appreciation to persons who made a push to ensure you succeed in securing the new job. It could be in the form of shout-outs to them.

These people could be your old colleagues, mentor and you can also appreciate your new colleagues for their support and cooperation so far.

5. Add relevant images

You can add images of your new working environment, office, or the organization’s logo to make your post more meaningful and informative.

6 Use Hashtags

You can tag your new and old colleagues and other relevant individuals to widen your post visibility. Here is a quickie to tag a friend or group of friends. Use the @ sign followed by a person’s name or group name.

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Samples of how to announce new job on LinkedIn

Find below the link to download some samples that can serve as a guide when posting your new job on Linkedin.

how to announce new job on LinkedIn

Download sample one 

Download Sample two


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