how to ace a job interview

How To Ace A Job Interview

Undoubtedly, your resume must have earned you that first impression you desired from an employer; it could also be your remarkable performance in the last screening test or both. However, we are glad to offer you tips and tricks on how to ace a job interview in this guide.

An interview section is a crucial stage in the hiring process. It allows the employer to access your potential and what you’ve got to offer and authenticate your physical and mental enthusiasm towards the job to make an informed decision.

Nevertheless, you must not be overwhelmed to impress an employer; rather, you stick to the tips and words of Kristina Lysova. She said, ” You must strike a balance to succeed in an interview while aligning yourself with an employer’s vision and values.

how to ace a job interview

Tips On How To Ace A Job Interview

You stand a promising chance to ace a job interview if these tips are well-understood and utilized.

Prior To The Interview

#1. Research the organization and review the requirements

Understanding the organization’s vision, mission, and values will allow you to tailor your discussion to the interviewer’s expectations. You can achieve this by doing extensive research about the organization and possibly reaching out to the current employees for a practical idea before the interview. Also, review the requirements to ensure you capture key parameters during the interview.

#2. Get familiar with at least two routes to the venue

Ensure you know at least two routes to the venue and ask or verify the drive time from your location. This will enable you to arrive at the location hitch-free and on time. In addition, you should arrive at the venue early but not too early, say fifteen minutes before the schedule.

#3. Watch what you wear

Interviewers focus on what you wear to a job interview because they score it. It is expected you appear smart and neatly dressed, possibly with a befitting suitcase or smart-looking bag. You can search for the company’s dress code, study it and tush it up.

how to ace a job interview

During The Interview

#1. Make yourself comfortable

Ensure you influence the environment by relieving yourself of all the tension; if possible, establish a conversation that is off the interview topic and discuss it shortly before the commencement of the session.

#2. Be focused and concise

Once the session begins, you should sit properly and relax to relate confidently. Ensure you are focusing on questions asked with meaningful and concise answers.

#3. Don’t panic about tough questions

When asked questions that appear tough, don’t feel tensed; instead, put on a smiling face and find suitable responses. You may be asked, “Why are you the best for this job” or “Why do you want to leave your current job” etc. ensure your responses are brief and emphasize transferable skills to the organization and your desire to build a career there. And possibly highlighting some of the skills.

#4. Manage your eye contact and body language

You should avoid 100% eye contact with the interviewer; otherwise, you might lose grip; take off 30% to look at other places in the environment to ease the tension. Also, don’t get stiffed during the interview, you could gesticulate or keep your hands on the table to show that you are up to the task and ready to work with the organization.

Post interview tips

#1. Ask Questions

Feel free to ask questions from the panelist on things you doubt, such as the working culture, the next phase of the hiring, and how soon you could get feedback. However, you should avoid asking questions regarding salaries, bonuses, leave, etc., unless you are being asked during the interview. You should also be polite when asking your questions.

#2. Send a follow-up mail

You should craft a compelling email two to three days after the interview; appreciate the panel for the opportunity to dialogue with them and what you learned shortly. Also, reiterate your readiness to resume immediately and drop your contact information for further information.


An interview session gives you the forum to demonstrate your skills and what you’ve got to offer your potential employer alongside your qualification and work experience. We encourage you to explore these tips on how to ace a job interview to help you land that lovely job.

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