how to accept a job offer

How To Accept A Job Offer – Steps & Samples

You’ve been hired! Before you start celebrating, you must formally accept the stipulated offer. This could entail negotiating the conditions of the offer, accepting it in writing, and sending an official email of acceptance.

However, it’s imperative first to take some time to carefully analyze the terms of a job offer before accepting it. Before figuring out how to accept a job offer, ensure you are satisfied with the verbal offer since most firms will do so over the phone or through a recruiter.

This post outlines the steps before accepting a job offer, including a sample job acceptance letter and advice on how to format one.

What does Accepting a Job Offer entail?

An official acceptance of a job offer is sent through email, and this dialogue ensures everyone has agreed to a reasonable wage, work schedule, and start date. You’ll also accept a start date, officially starting your employment.

Verbal vs. Formal Offer

You often receive two offers when you land a job: the verbal offer and the written or formal offer;

A Verbal Offer: What Is It?

A verbal offer is exactly what it sounds like; the hiring manager or recruiter will verbally announce it, typically over the phone. Usually, this offer will be accepted before a written one. You’ll learn some information about the pay and the start date, but not much else.

A Formal Offer: What Is It?

A formal offer is presented in writing and should contain all the pertinent information regarding the position, such as your salary, start date, benefits, job expectations, working hours, and location. An official offer email might appear as follows:

how to accept a job offer

When you’re prepared to accept the offer, you can sign it and respond to the person who offered it.

How Do You Accept A Job Offer Via Mail

While the letter or email you use to accept a job offer should be brief, professional business communication will remain in your employment file. Therefore, it should be well-written, error-free, and include the information below;

  1. Say “thank you.” – Thank your new company for the opportunity to start your letter of acceptance of a job offer. Indicate the position title and the name of the company.
  2. Accept the employment offer in writing – Next, express how pleased you are to accept the offer. You might mention how eager you are to get started.
  3. Specify the pay and benefits – For example, you could respond with “As discussed, my starting salary is [$XX, XXX], with [an annual based on performance bonus, training, professional membership, and hybrid working] component of the offer.
  4. Take note of the start date – To prevent misunderstandings, specify the notice period and start date in writing in your acceptance letter. Explain that you will give your current employer written notice of your start date as soon as feasible if you haven’t yet confirmed your notice period.
  5. Wrap up with a positive statement – Finish strong by expressing your excitement to begin in your new position.

Sample of a Job Acceptance Letter

how to accept a job offer

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How do you accept a job offer while having questions?

Begin by thanking them and letting them know how excited and qualified you are for the position. Next, request a phone conversation so that you can discuss some specifics and ask some questions regarding the offer. Usually, saying something like, “I have a question about the salary,” is sufficient to convey your intent to negotiate.

How can a job offer be accepted over the phone?

Once the position has been offered, thank the corporate representative for the chance. Thank the recruiter for their time and efforts if you receive the offer through them. Ask when you will get the official written offer.





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