How Much Does A Paint Job Cost For A Car

How Much Does A Paint Job Cost For A Car

Are you planning to uplift that faded color of your car and wish to know the cost involved while budgeting? Or do you want more weather resistance and durable paint on your car? This guide on how much a paint job costs for a car will avail you with the needed information.

Several factors determine the cost of painting a car to your taste and pocket size. Such factors include your location, type of paint, nature of the paint job, etc. However, having multiple quotations from different car spraying outlets in your location will give you a fair price and quality. So, let’s dive in quickly to the different paint jobs and their cost to enable you to make decisions on the best option.

How Much Does A Paint Job Cost For A Car

How Much Does A Paint Job Cost For A Car

These are the different paint jobs, and their estimated costs are below.

#1. Basic Paint Job

If your car doesn’t need bodywork but only sanding, priming, and painting, you can opt for this paint job option. In terms of cost, you can budget from 430 CAD – CAD 1,160 for a low-quality painting job, up to CAD 2400 for a medium-quality, and at least CAD 3500 to CAD 10,000 for a high-quality job in Canada.

#2. Standard Paint Job

A standard paint job involves thorough surface preparation and the application of multiple layers of paint to make the car more attractive. You should be prepared to spend from $3000 to $15000, depending on the brand of the paint used, the location, and the nature of the car’s body.

#3. Custom Paint Job

If you desire a special effect on your car with intricate designs and unique color combinations, this paint job is the best option. The cost also varies depending on the quality and brand of paint you intend to use. Generally, you will need a minimum of 5000 USD and above to complete this job.

#4. Specialty Paint Job

This type of paint required specialized materials and techniques to give a car a pearlescent finish using metallic paints. If you desire this paint job for your car, you should budget at least 3000 USD or more for a pleasing job.

#5. Complete Restoration

This paint job is best for a car requiring extensive bodywork and other repairs before painting. Complete restoration can be more expensive, especially if you use a famous brand of high-quality paint. However, you shouldn’t budget below 5000 USD for a good restoration painting on your car.

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Which paint is better for a car?

You should opt for single-stage or two-stage acrylic enamel paint because it produces a hard shell over the metal frame.

Which car paint last longer?

Urethane paint is recommended to last longer than acrylic paint because of its strong resistance to weather and ultraviolet rays. In addition, the type of primer used also determines how long a paint will last.

Which car color is most durable?

The white color last longer than other colors on a car, but if you don’t like it, other recommended colors include grey, orange, and yellow.


The cost of the paint job on a car is influenced by the location, painter, brand, and type of paint used. You must employ a reputable painter because a well-executed paint job enhances the appearance and durability of paint on a car.

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