how many bullet points per job on resume

How Many Bullet Points Per Job On Resume

Employers or hiring managers are trained persons who spend less than thirty seconds reviewing a resume for onward decision. So learning how many bullet points per job on resume is essential and can help create that first impression you desire from a recruiter at a glance.

When applying for a job, the resume is usually the employer’s first contact point. Therefore, making it appealing, engaging, and readable is critical to your success in securing the job.

However, you should avoid giving invalid information when crafting your resume. This is because recent surveys reveal that 40% of applicants give false information in their resumes; hence they land on the other side of success.

How Many Bullet Points Per Job On Resume

A professional resume is expected to be in segments or sections for clarity. The bullets play a critical role in each resume segment because they help the recruiter spot the most needed information in the content.

How Many Bullet Points Per Job On Resume

In addition, a resume should not be congested with bullet points because it bore the recruiter; instead, they should be minimal, at most 7 bullet points in a segment. Here are the key parameters for applying bullet points in each resume segment.

#1. The Header

You can use up to five bullets on your resume header to highlight key parameters like your contact address, email address, phone number, and social media links like LinkedIn. This should be in a landscape format. The recruiter can easily spot your contact details with this. No need to bullet for your name and your profession but make them bold.

#2. Summary Segment

This should be an overview of your qualification, work experience, and skills. The bullet points here should be brief because it is meant to encourage the recruiter to read further.

#3. Relevant Work Experience

It is best to list work experiences relevant to the job role you wish to assume or occupy.

The work experience should be in reverse chronological order.
You list your job role, the organization’s name, location, date of resumption, and achievements.

The job role should be highlighted in bold and have a font size above other parameters, then bullet only the job roles and achievements. The bullets should not exceed five points.

#4. The Education Segment

In this segment, you should bullet your highest academic qualification and other relevant professional certificates you possess with dates.

You don’t need to list your primary or high school qualifications because it is a resume, not a CV.

If you are a fresh graduate, leverage your CGPA, Coursework, and extracurricular activities.

#5. Helpful Skills Segment

An employer is always impressed to read skills relevant to the job. You should apply bullet points to at least five relevant skills and up to eight. The most trending skills are problem-solving, communication, organization, leadership, and time management. You may add others that are required, such as driving skills.

#6. Others

Here you can add five bullet points to show your hobbies and additional languages. 

how many bullet points per job on resume

Common Questions on How Many Bullet Points Per Job On Resume

How much should you write about each job on a resume?

You should write at most four points about each job experience, and it should focus on your achievements in the role.

Should I list every job on my resume?

No, you should focus on job roles with relevant work experience and skills to the role you are applying for.

What are the five common resume mistakes?

Some of the mistakes you should avoid in your resume are:

  • List accomplishments, not duties, in your work experience
  • Bad grammar, punctuation, and typographical errors
  • Poor Summary
  • Bad formatting of the headers
  • Be brief but not too short

Download a sample here

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