how long to wait after submitting job application online

How Long To Wait After Submitting Job Application Online

Naturally, you wish the excitement continues after a successful job application and an acknowledgment from the organization. But here comes the anticipating syndrome of “how long to wait after submitting job application online or how long does it take to hear back from a job application.

The tension tends to be minimal if you are lucky the organization gives a timeframe to review applications and invite successful applicants. But more frustrating if the company is indefinite or silent about it.

However, you should not stress yourself while waiting for a call or notification from an employer. This is because at least 50 persons submit job applications every second on LinkedIn alone; you can imagine the number of applications organizations in the United States, Canada, and other nations receive daily. Therefore, be calm, research more about the organization, and prepare for an interview or aptitude test to keep hope alive.

how long to wait after submitting job application online

How Long To Wait After Submitting Job Application Online

Generally, hiring managers send job applicants an interview or aptitude notification within ten to fourteen days after closing the application.

However, there are instances where the duration could be longer because some organizations stock applications as a backup. For example, if a company receives a three-month notice period in a job from an employee, the hiring manager can publish an advert for such a role immediately, and it could take up to three months for the position to be vacant. Invariably, the waiting period for this role can be up to eight weeks or more.

Another instance is that a company or an institution planning to set up additional departments may intentionally roll out adverts six months before the commencement to receive a large volume of applications and filter the best. These scenarios could play out if you waited more than two weeks.

Here are a few recent indicators and statistics that can help you manage this syndrome “How long to wait after submitting job application online.”

  • 50.3% of employers contact job applicants for an interview or an aptitude test within a week after closing the application.
  • 33.6% of hiring managers send notifications of interviews or screening tests one week after the application elapses.
  • 4% of employers call for an interview or screening within a day
  • 57% of job seekers in the United States lost interest in a lengthy hiring process.

How Long To Wait After Submitting Job Application Online

How Do I Manage the waiting period after a job application?

You can engage in the following activities while waiting for an invitation from the organization.

  • Research the organization to learn more about the hiring pattern, the working culture, and opportunities.
  • Prepare for the next stage of your hiring; this could be an aptitude test, interview, documentation, etc.
  • Write a follow-up email a week after applying or an interview to demonstrate your readiness to accept the job offer. Inform the organization of your readiness to provide additional information.
  • Check the company’s social media page, if there are updates regarding the delay or specific date for the next line of action.
  • Search for other job adverts that you merit and apply

How long is too long to follow up on a job application?

Following up on a job application or an interview is essential but shouldn’t be a quickie. You can wait until after three days or one week to send a follow-up.

How can I get a faster innovation for an interview or a test after applying for a job?

You are likely to receive an invitation almost immediately if your application matches the organization’s urgent need. Consider the following when applying to avoid this syndrome “How long to wait after submitting job application online.”

  • Review the job requirements critically and ensure you merit them.
  • Attach a cover letter that captures your relevant skills, work experience, and qualifications for the job. Also, include reasons you are the best for the job.
  • Ensure your resume is recent and in the standard format.

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