How can I improve myself in 1-2 months?

  1. Cut-off bad friends — drop the dead weight because they aren’t going anywhere. It’s not noble to let them hold you back.
  2. Practice doing nothing — Regularly throughout the day, take 5-mins to enjoy where you are without a need to fix it.
  3. Harness Awareness — meditate daily for at least 10-mins a day. Separate yourself from your mind and body.
  4. Fix body clock — Wake up and sleep at roughly around the same time. It would help if you had some rhythm in your body.
  5. Don’t overeat — It takes a toll on your body and mind. Eat regular small, 4–5 meals throughout the day.
  6. Develop a skill — Pick one interest and practice it every day. Writing or drawing, there are free resources to get started.
  7. Educate on life — Read philosophy and books, from the world’s greatest thinkers. It would help if you learned to live a good life. It doesn’t come naturally.