Housekeeper Jobs in Canada

Housekeeper Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

If you plan to work in Canada, you can find interesting jobs in different areas. Housekeeping is one of the jobs you can easily find.

Housekeepers in Canada earn a decent income if they work hard. Although the jobs may come with their challenges, they are financially rewarding. Hence, opportunities for landing housekeeper jobs in Canada, a country with opportunities, abound. Let’s explore them here.

Who is a Housekeeper in Canada?

A housekeeper has the duty of cleaning, organizing, and maintaining a private residence, an establishment, or similar places. In keeping the place clean, they dust, vacuum, empty trash, clean surfaces, mop the floor, and ensure everywhere is clean and smells nice.

The responsibilities of a housekeeper may also shift from cleaning to washing, ironing, folding into laundry, make beds, and cooking. In some cases, housekeepers in Canada document order supplies and ensure that the house lacks no items and cleaning materials.

If any damage occurs in any part of the building, a housekeeper ensures their repairs by notifying their superior. As a routine role, housekeeper jobs in Canada involve walking, standing, lifting, and bending. Ability to work independently is needed.

How much does a Housekeeper in Canada earn?

Housekeeper jobs in Canada can pay an average of $37,171.20 yearly or $17.84 hourly. For entry-level positions, an individual can earn around $25,000 yearly, while experienced employees can make up to $50,000.

What are the Skills and Qualifications for Housekeeper Jobs in Canada?

If you plan to work in Canada as a housekeeper, the following qualities are necessary:

  • At least high school diploma, GED certificate, or equivalent
  • Attention to detail and multitasking
  • Physical stamina
  • Flexibility and ability to work extended hours, and on weekends and holidays
  • Good working knowledge of cleaning appliances and their operations
  • Previous cleaning experience
  • At least 21 years

How Can I be a Good Housekeeper in Canada?

Keeping the workplace clean, safe, and healthy is essential. Poor housekeeping can cause accident, ill-health or other impending dangers. Hence, the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) recommends taking a workplace housekeeping course.

This will help and individual understand what is required of them and how to safely handle items they work with. Specific and general training can be acquired, depending on the job role. The employee or supervisor should ensure each housekeeper carries out their roles as required.

Top High Paying Housekeeper Jobs in Canada

Housekeeper jobs cut across various industries, but the roles remain the same, although with slight differences. Here are some of the housekeeping roles you can take on in Canada:

Corporate housekeeper

This housekeeper position works in an office or corporate setting. A corporate housekeeper must understand the working of the environment.

Lead housekeeper

A lead housekeeper is a supervisor that oversees the work of other housekeepers under them. They administer day-to-day duties of other workers, ensuring roles are accomplished at the end.

Hotel housekeeper

As a hotel housekeeper, your job role requires working in a hotel. You need an experience in the hospitality industry to understand the specific modes of operation required of your unique task.

Hospital housekeeper

This role for this housekeeper job requires working in the hospital. You may need to take a special training and certification to qualify you because you will likely handle specific equipment.

Live-Out Housekeeper

This housekeeper works mostly in where there is no accommodation to live in or they choose not to for some reasons. Their roles may full-time or part-time.

Live-in Housekeeper

A live-in housekeeper, unlike a live-out lives in their workplace and is employed full-time. They work in homes where they do nearly all the works and other tasks assigned by the employer.

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