Government of Canada Fully Funded Scholarships

Government of Canada Fully Funded Scholarships

Are you looking for a government of Canada fully funded scholarships for international students? Here is some good news for you!

The government of Canada provides more than 600 scholarships worth over $100 million yearly for undergraduate and graduate students. Both domestic and international students can access these scholarships. Besides, some of these scholarships can cover tuition, living expenses, or both.

How do I Get a Government of Canada Fully Funded Scholarship as an International Student?

You can apply for the government of Canada fully funded scholarships in your home country before moving to the country for studies. This saves you time searching for a financial aid provider in the country.

Here are the requirements for a Canadian government scholarship application: 

  • A completed scholarship application form
  • Student visa (for international students only)
  • Passport or any other original means of identification
  • Statement of purpose
  • Resume
  • English language test scores (IELTS/TOEFL)
  • Copies of transcripts or Diplomas
  • A letter of recommendation

How do I Apply for the Government of Canada fully funded Scholarships?

To apply for a Canadian government scholarship, the following steps are necessary:

  • Obtain information about the scholarship programs.
  • Get the essential documents ready.
  • Decide on your program and institution.
  • Take the English language proficiency test (IELTS/TOEFL).
  • Check the Canadian scholarship deadline.
  • Begin your scholarship application.

Some of the Fully Funded Canadian Government Scholarships

You can apply for any of these scholarship options provided by the Canadian government:

MasterCard Foundation Scholarship – University Of British Columbia

This particular scholarship provided by MasterCard is only available at the University of British Columbia. If you are interested, you can choose from any of the courses provided by the school. You must also be an international student.

University of Manitoba Scholarships

This fully funded scholarship is awarded to students planning to study in a graduate program at the University of Manitoba. It is valued at $14,000 yearly for one year or two years, and only approved students can apply for it.

Vanier Canada Graduate Grants

This scholarship, also known as Vanier CGS, is awarded to domestic and international students wishing to study a master’s or doctoral degree program. It is valued at $50,000 yearly for only three years of doctoral studies.

York University Scholarship

In collaboration with York University, the Global Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarships are provided for international students pursuing a bachelor’s degree course at the university. Beneficiaries can choose from any course offered at York University.

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Lester B. Pearson Grants

The Lester B. Pearson Grant is another of the government of Canada fully funded scholarships for international students. It provides around 40 scholarships for those aiming to study any course at the University of Toronto.

University Of Calgary Grants

If you plan to study at the University of Calgary as an international student, there are a number of fully funded scholarships you can choose from. One of them is the University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship.

Humber College Grants

This is one of the government of Canada fully funded scholarships for international students studying an undergraduate program. Students of any field can apply.

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Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Doctorate Grants

This scholarship is offered to only 15 Ph.D. students, both Canadian and international students.

University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarship

This scholarship is provided for students of all nationalities studying any course at the University of Winnipeg. It is available for undergraduate, graduate, and other professional studies.

If you are planning to study in Canada, these scholarships are available. You can research more about them and understand what it takes to apply for them.

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