Construction and Manufacturing Jobs in Canada

Best Construction and Manufacturing Jobs in Canada

It is no secret that construction and manufacturing companies in Canada pay top salaries. Whether operating heavy equipment, supervising the jobs of others, or welding, construction and manufacturing jobs in Canada can pave the way to your financial freedom.


Besides, since the pandemic, companies have been dealing with notable labor and skills shortages. You can get any entry-, mid-, and high-level positions, depending on what you want, your qualifications, and your experience level. If this sounds like what you can do, you are in the right place to get the best information on clinching your next job.

Top Construction and Manufacturing Jobs in Canada

Employers are after practical skills and knowledge of technological tools. Here is a list of the best construction and manufacturing jobs in Canada you can select from.

Production Supervisor

The production supervisor oversees the activities of one or more units while working to boost efficiency, maintain safety, and ensure outputs meet compliance and quality standards. Production supervisors must have good communication skills because they will always interact with team members to give instructions and obtain feedback.

Materials handler

These professionals transport different parts of manufacturing operations to diverse locations. Their duties include loading, unloading, sorting and packing.


A welder welds metal materials and repairs heavy machinery. They are essential in the manufacturing and construction of products and equipment.


They inspect, install, and maintain electrical components, including transformers and circuit breakers. You must be a certified electrician before you can qualify to seek construction and manufacturing jobs in Canada.


Electro mechanic

The demand for electromechanics is on the rise as technological advancement increases. They are also called mechatronics technicians and work with computer-operated tools and equipment. Electromechanics install, upgrade, test, adjust, and maintain electrical components to ensure peak performance.

Civil Engineer

Civil engineers design and construct bridges and highways. They also determine the materials needed and the impact of the environmental impact of the project.

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Safety Engineer

A safety engineer creates processes and systems to enable a safe environment for site workers and visitors. Safety engineers also ensure projects comply with appropriate laws.

Structural Engineer

A structural engineer ensures bridges or buildings stand the test of time. Their plans include approaches to sustain the strength of these structures in the long run.



An architect designs architectural structures and collaborates with the building team to erect the edifice. They must also adhere to federal, state, and local regulations to ensure compliance and safety.

Project Manager

A project manager ensures everything goes as planned and workers are doing their jobs accordingly. They make plans around the budget and distribute money to the appropriate project they are needed for.

Which city of Canada is best for construction and manufacturing jobs?

Toronto is home to some of the largest engineering companies in Canada. But when it comes to manufacturing, Ontario takes the lead.

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How long does it take to become a construction worker in Canada?

Overall, the timeframe to become a skilled construction worker is 2,880 hours, which is around one and a half years. It consists of 480 hours of in-school training and 2,400 hours of on-the-job hands-on experience.

How much money does a construction worker make in Canada?

On average, a construction worker earns around $43,559 yearly and $22.34 hourly. Entry-level positions can start at $37,050 yearly and experienced workers can earn around $57,522.


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