3 Most Unpopular Jobs On Internet That’s Paying Huge

When you hear online jobs, your mind starts thinking of Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing/Manager, Writer, Content Creator, Influencer, and blogging, but there are many unpopular but high paying jobs on the internet, some of which are;

1. Professional Commenter: Yes!! There are professional commenters, brands hire people to reply to comments on their posts and help them engage by commenting, on other people’s posts. They are not necessarily social media managers or content creators, they are commenters.

If you understand how social media algorithm works, you will understand the importance of comments and comment replies regarding visibility. That is why celebrities have what we call support groups or support teams, they are organized to boost engagements.

2. Visibility Assistance: This is similar to the job of a PR personnel. Your job is to promote brands or individuals either through your accounts or through the networks of influencers or pages you have.

This is another lucrative job on the internet because people are ready to spend long as they will gain visibility.

3. Ad Officer: You can have an ad account, then people pay you to run targeted ads for their businesses. Trust me, this is very lucrative too.

These are just a few.