26 Google Tools For Your Small Business

Every small business owner MUST have a Google account.

Honestly, if you don’t have one, I feel like flogging you because you are missing so much.

If your business is called allcountriesjob, you can open allcountriesjob@gmail.com

It’s that simple.

Once you do this, you have opened up your business to a whole new world of amazing tools.

Let me just list out 26 tools (out of many more) that you immediately get access to.

  1. Google Drive – Free 15GB storage space in the cloud so no information in your business ever gets missing

2. Google Forms – Get your customers or prospects to fill out a Form

3. Google Meet – Just like Zoom, used for online meetings for up to 100 people

4. Google Keep – Download on your phone and keep your notes, ideas, and thoughts

5. Google Business Profile – Be found online. That’s how you put your business on Google.

6. Google Sheets – Just like Microsoft Excel in the cloud. Used for keeping and calculating numerical data

7. Google Presentation – Used to make your slides for presentations. Just like Microsoft PowerPoint

8. Gmail – This is your mailbox.. You get emails from customers, suppliers, banks, and everyone

9. Google Contacts – Automatically save and backup your phone contacts so you never lose any contact even if your phone gets missing

10. Google Chrome – The sweetest web browser I know

11. Google Classroom – Starting an online school and managing students has never been easier

12. Google Tasks – Your to-do list. You can pick out and track your activities.

13. YouTube – Make and share videos with the world, even do live streaming sef

14. Google Chat – From inside Google tools, you can be chatting with your team or anyone else who has Google account

15. Google Docs – Write letters and other worded documents, all stored safely in the cloud

16. Google Calendar – Schedule events ahead and be reminded

17. Google Authenticator – Provides 2 factor authentication to securely protect your important apps. No one can hack your Instagram and Facebook with this

18. Google Photos – Save and share photos easily

19. Google Maps – Drive to business meetings comfortably even when you do not know the way

20. Google Search – Browse the internet and get powerful search results

21. Blogger – Yes, Google owns Blogger and you can start your own blog in just 1 minute

22. Google ads – Run ads for your business on Google so you reach more customers

23. Google Analytics – Track your website visits and other insights about your website

24. Google Primer – 5 minutes short lessons on business, marketing, and more

25. Google Finance – See prices of stock and the latest finance news around the world

26. Snapseed – Professionally edit your photos

Google has more tools than these.

I just focused on the ones that can help your small business.

Can tell me how that your old Yahoo email compares to this?

Run now and open a Gmail account.

Hope this is helpful.