26 Google Tools For Your Small Business

26 Google Tools For Your Small Business
Győr, Hungary – May 19, 2021: Mobile app icons of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime, Skype, Messenger, Google Duo, GoToMeeting, Google Meet and Webex Meet are seen on an iPhone. Laptop in the background.

Every small business owner MUST have a Google account.

Honestly, if you don’t have one, I feel like flogging you because you are missing so much.

If your business is called allcountriesjob, you can open allcountriesjob@gmail.com

It’s that simple.

Once you do this, you have opened up your business to a whole new world of amazing tools.

Let me just list out 26 tools (out of many more) that you immediately get access to.

  1. Google Drive – Free 15GB storage space in the cloud so no information in your business ever gets missing

2. Google Forms – Get your customers or prospects to fill out a Form

3. Google Meet – Just like Zoom, used for online meetings for up to 100 people

4. Google Keep – Download on your phone and keep your notes, ideas, and thoughts

5. Google Business Profile – Be found online. That’s how you put your business on Google.

6. Google Sheets – Just like Microsoft Excel in the cloud. Used for keeping and calculating numerical data

7. Google Presentation – Used to make your slides for presentations. Just like Microsoft PowerPoint

8. Gmail – This is your mailbox.. You get emails from customers, suppliers, banks, and everyone

9. Google Contacts – Automatically save and backup your phone contacts so you never lose any contact even if your phone gets missing

10. Google Chrome – The sweetest web browser I know

11. Google Classroom – Starting an online school and managing students has never been easier

12. Google Tasks – Your to-do list. You can pick out and track your activities.

13. YouTube – Make and share videos with the world, even do live streaming sef

14. Google Chat – From inside Google tools, you can be chatting with your team or anyone else who has Google account

15. Google Docs – Write letters and other worded documents, all stored safely in the cloud

16. Google Calendar – Schedule events ahead and be reminded

17. Google Authenticator – Provides 2 factor authentication to securely protect your important apps. No one can hack your Instagram and Facebook with this

18. Google Photos – Save and share photos easily

19. Google Maps – Drive to business meetings comfortably even when you do not know the way

20. Google Search – Browse the internet and get powerful search results

21. Blogger – Yes, Google owns Blogger and you can start your own blog in just 1 minute

22. Google ads – Run ads for your business on Google so you reach more customers

23. Google Analytics – Track your website visits and other insights about your website

24. Google Primer – 5 minutes short lessons on business, marketing, and more

25. Google Finance – See prices of stock and the latest finance news around the world

26. Snapseed – Professionally edit your photos

Google has more tools than these.

I just focused on the ones that can help your small business.

Can tell me how that your old Yahoo email compares to this?

Run now and open a Gmail account.

Hope this is helpful.